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Heather was a very lovable girl, who had a lot going for her. Unfortunately, everything was taken from her way too soon.

Before high school, it seemed that Heather was not a very happy girl. She didn't have very many friends, and seemed almost depressed. It wouldn't be until high school, that she would come to find a place with other people just like her. A family of outcasts. It seemed to be just what she needed. And she fit in, as if she had been there since day one. She was not singled out, and was accepted very invitingly. Unfortunately, the kind of people that she hung out with, were not always positive influences. Many smoked marijuana, skipped school, had arrest records and were sexually active. As if attempting to fit in more, Heather joined in on many of these activities.

The friends quickly became another family to Heather, as she preferred not to be around her own. She said that she was "tired of my Mom's stupid bible talk." She wanted to do what she wanted, when she wanted, and really aimed on making her family upset and angry with everything she did. Those in the "family" at times condoned some of the things that she did, though most watched over her as a child, and tried to tell her when she was going overboard. Heather would just blow it off, and continue to party. And if she wasn't invited somewhere where she had previously "over-partied", she would find her own fun for that night or week. It got to the point that she would drink and do drugs with a room full of people that she didn't even know. She engaged in sexual acts with several people, even as minimal as playing strip poker. She would often find herself saying "what the hell did I do last night?"

Her parents tried to intervene many times, but to no avail. She was stuck on the idea of living life to the fullest, regardless of the consequences. Finally, her mother, stepfather and father decided on one last attempt to straighten her out, by sending her to Maine to live with her father. Heather resented her mother even more than ever, but went to Maine, protesting all the way.

Over the next year or two, Heather would keep in contact with many of her friends via phone, and would occasionally come back to Minnesota for a visit.